Medicine And Art

by mo on Monday, March 21, 2011

When I was in Japan, I went to an exhibition at the Mori Art Gallery in Tokyo that explored the relationship between Art and Design. The funny thing is that when I started researching phantom limbs and the associated visually based therapies that existed to treat the syndrome, I became more aware of the undeniable link between design and science. From that, the thought reminded me of this very exhibition that explored this link between art and science. Lucky for me I had bought the exhibition catalogue book, and came across this concise paragraph that brought it together for me:

“On the basis of their discoveries in medicine and science, people have attempted to counter the effects of disease and injury and to resist death, seeking the secret of longevity. The history of medicine is the sum of all such scientific exploration, innovation, and discovery. Research into the human body has led to accurate and artistic depictions of the body. At the same time, attempts to create depictions of its beauty have continued throughout history, making the human body one of the most important subjects for art. In this way, the body can be seen as the meeting point between medicine and art, and as the point of departure for journeys into these two very different worlds.”

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